APPI – Indonesian Electric Manufacturers Association

The Indonesian Electrical Panel Manufacturing Association, or APPLI for short, was formed in May 1976. The formation of this association was first initiated by several companies engaged in the manufacture of electrical panels. At that time the members still numbered 16 companies.

The electrical system on a wider scale, has placed this electrical panel as the most important product and is always in touch with all electrical equipment. Starting from the smallest such as a fuse box to control panels and electrical panels for medium voltage which have a more complex structure. Electrical panels can be found everywhere in both distribution systems and electric motor systems, as a complement to generators, transformers, rectifiers, electric dynamos, and others.

This condition became the reason for electrical equipment companies to join one association, so that finally the name of the Association of Indonesian Electrical Panel Manufacturers was changed to the Indonesian Electrical Manufacturers Association. The changes were not only to the name of the association but also to its statutes at the suggestion of the Ministry of Industry at the members’ meeting in June 1977.