We encourage you to be part of RailwayTech Indonesia if you're involved in any of the following

Railway Technology

  • Rail bound Vehicles for public transportation
  • Sub assemblies & components
  • Service for vehicles
  • Cargo Transportation, logistics, freight trains, IT

Infrastructure Technology and Facilities

  • Infrastructure / Railway Construction
  • Planning and Monitoring of Construction Works
  • Track Machinery, equipment, and tools
  • Station Buildings
  • Technical Equipment / Building Materials
  • Signaling and control systems
  • Overhead Line Equipment

Train and Interiors

  • Train body structure (materials, body structure, design, cleaning and painting)
  • Running gears (bogies, piping, coupling device, shock absorbing)
  • Doors, windows, hoods
  • Information and security
  • Diesel engines, transmissions, bi-mode, storage batteries, capacitors
  • Brakes (air supply, discs, materials, brake blocks, regenerative brakes)
  • In-vehicle facilities (toilets, washroom, AC)
  • Interior design (floors, seats, baggage racks, material, in-vehicle lighting)

Passenger Services

  • Stations (facilities for passengers, ticket checking and collecting machines, lighting, ticket vending machine)
  • Station buildings, stores, building structure/ method
  • Universal design, barrier free design
  • Automatic guidance, signs, media / advertisement, food services
  • Reservation system
  • Disaster prevention and safety measures