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President and Minister of Defense Will have Groundbreaking Dual Line Elevated railway in Medan
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The Ministry of Transport continues to improve the quality and capacity of railway infrastructure. One of them, by building a Dual Line Kite relation KA-Station – Station Medan Bandar Khalipah. Readiness is characterized by the development of ground breaking development does Dual Line Kite KA those relations on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 in North Sumatra, precisely at Km 2 + 800 between Station-Station Medan Bandar Khalipah. Ground Breaking done by the President Joko Widodo was accompanied by Transport Minister Ignatius Jonan, Director General of Railways Herman Dwiatmoko and Project Executor North Sumatra Governor Tengku Erry Nuradi.

Director General of Railways Ministry of Transport, Dwiatmoko Herman said that the development of relations KA Dual Line Stations Medan – Bandar Khalipah stations throughout ± 8 km are part of the development of relations KA Dual Line Stations Medan – Kuala Namu Airport Station approximately 27 km. Construction of Double Line elevated railway construction was conducted in order to support the operation of the railway Kualanamu which will eliminate nine existing level crossings. With the operation of the double track railway overpass, traffic will increase capacity, speed up travel time and improve travel safety rail and highway users.

Construction of Double Line Railway Station at grade relations Araskabu – Bandar Khalipah stations along the plus minus 19 km has been started in 2014. The development activities include the development work of track ± 14 km, construction of railway bridges 22 units, and construction of electrical signaling in Bandar Station Khalipah, Araskabu stations, and stations Kualanamu 3 units. In 2016 planned road works along the left rail of plus or minus 5 km can be completed.

Financing for development activities undertaken in 2014-2015 are charged to the state budget with a total budget of Rp366,1 billion, consisting of the construction of the double track of Rp193 billion, the construction of railway bridges for Rp98,7 billion and construction of electrical signaling of Rp74,4 billion. While the financing of work 2016 consists of the completion of construction of railway bridges and the completion of construction of the electrical signaling of Rp80,5 billion. In 2016, in order to meet the target of the operation of a dual-channel relationship Bandar Khalipah stations – Kualanamu Station, Transport Ministry will propose additional budget of Rp59,1 billion through APBN-P 2016 to finance the completion of the double track railway construction work at grade along the plus minus 5 km and structuring emplacement station.

In addition to inaugurating groundbreaking Dual Line Elevated railway stations relations Medan – Bandar Khalipah station, the President is also planned to conduct a review of the work of reactivation railway stations relations Binjai – Besitang stations along the ± 80km. Current conditions, railway lines cross Binjai – Besitang most still uses R.25 rail sleeper’s Dutch heritage. This cross has been inactive since August 2013 due to the condition of the rail road construction and other structures (bridges, stations and operating facilities) that are not eligible operations. This railway line is planned to be ready for operation in the year 2017.

Construction activities that have been implemented by the end of 2015 include construction of the road along the 69.5 km railway, the railway construction along 55 Km R.54, manufacture as many as 25 pieces of box culvert and installation of crossings at two locations. Sources of funding for the implementation of the railway road reactivation work from the state budget for Fiscal Year 2015 of plus and minus Rp 454 billion. As for the funding budgeted in 2016 amounted to plus minus Rp 20 billion. Because there are still a lot of work execution reactivation and to meet the target of the operation relations Binjai Stations – Besitang Station in 2017, the Directorate General of Railways has proposed to increase the budget of activities from the APBN-P 2016 amounted to plus minus Rp105 billion and Proposed RKA Year 2017 plus minus Rp599 billion.

Director General of Railways explained that carried out the construction of double track elevated railway relations Stations Medan – Bandar Khalipah Station, double track railway at grade relations Bandar Khalipah Stations – Kualanamu Station well as the reactivation of the railway relationships Binjai station – Besitang turn can help meet the needs of the public transportation services bulk based railroad in North Sumatra.

The government hopes to increase railway services will provide convenience for the mobility of people with the availability of rail transport that is integrated with Kualanamu and encourage economic growth in North Sumatra. This development is also part of the focus of the Ministry of Transportation in order to improve the quality, capacity, and safety and security of transport.

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