Growing Business in Indonesia’s Railway Market:

  • The central government has approved Great Jakarta’s infrastructure projects worth Rp 571 trillion (US$40.12 billion) until 2030.
  • The transport infrastructure development needs including 223 kilometers of MRT tracks (current 16 km), 116 km of LRT lines (current 5,8 km) and a bus rapid transit (BRT) network that covers 2,149 km from 431 km.
  • According National Railway Vision 2030 from Indonesia Ministry of Transport, the Indonesia railway projects will be implemented until 2030 with investment value over USD 88,16 billion.
  • The giant fund would be used to build LRT (Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung), MRT Jakarta (fase-2 and fase-3), High Speed Railway (Bandung and Surabaya), 3,258 km railway line.