China trains in Bali, Check out the routes


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia

PT KAI will bring a train made in China to operate in Bali. President Director of PT KAI (PT. Kereta Api Indonesia)  Didiek Hartantyo explained that the train is capable of operating without a rail or called Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) and it will connect Ngurah Rai International Airport to the Sanur area. “We will build a train which is connecting Ngurah Rai Airport to Bali which is planned in Bali Urban Transport Plan. This Plan is in line with National Railways Plan, Bali Master Railways Plan and in RPJMN 2020-2024 (National Medium-Term Development Plan),” said Didiek on the meeting with the Commission X (ten) DPR RI.

In the KAI’s document, it is explained that the train will operate on 21 Km route. The distance is estimated to be reached within 35 minutes, with headway of 10 minutes.The facilities prepared are 12 train sets or train networks. 10 sets will be operated and the other 2 is reserved trains.

“The distance is around 21 Km, and the round trip is around 46 Km. It is planned there will be 15-20 stations within the distance of 21 Km, ” said Didiek.

The approximate routes as follows:

  • Airport Station
  • Bali Mandara Station
  • Graha Asih Hospital Station
  • Bali Galeria Station
  • TOD Check In AP1
  • TOD Centra Parking station Siloam
  • TSM Station
  • Soputan Station
  • Intermoda Station
  • RSKI Station
  • Tantular Station/21
  • Unud Station
  • Puputan Square Station
  • Renon Station
  • Sanur Station

The Potential demands are airport passengers, tourists, commuter airport workers to Sanur. In addition, there will be TOD development,  “said Didiek. Currently, we have completed pra-feasibility study (Pra FS). The project was proposed to be listed as a national strategic project.

 “It has been done for pra FS then listed  in the study of the preparation of FS and BED or Basic Engineering Design. Currently, Provincial government of Bali has proposed to be a national strategic project,” he said.

Source : CNBC Indonesia