Indonesia set to operate 13 railway projects this year

The Indonesian government will operate 13 new railway routes, which are currently being constructed, including several airport railway services.
The Transportation Ministry’s railway director general, Zulfikri, said in Jakarta on Monday  his office would be optimal in its use of the Rp 17.7 trillion (US$1.33 billion) to complete the projects, whose construction had started several years before.
“We will use the allocation for the railway directorate general optimally for the projects,” said Zulfikri as reported by
A 26-kilometer airport railway that will connect Minangkabau Airport to the West Sumatra capital of Padang is expected to be inaugurated in May, said the official, adding that the 85-double track Prabumulih-Kertapati railway would be the next project to be inaugurated.
The other projects include the Martapura-Baturaja route in South Sumatra, two LRT projects in Jakarta and South Sumatra, the Bandar Tinggi-Kuala Tanjung route in North Sumatra, a double-double track project from Manggarai Station in South Jakarta to Cikarang in West Java, the Barru-Palanro route in South Sulawesi, the Madiun-Jombang route in East Java, the Solo-Kedungbanteng route in Central Java, the Adi Soemarmo Airport train in Central Java, the Maja-Rangkasbitung route in Banten, the elevated railway from Medan to Bandar Khalifah in North Sumatra and the Binjai-Besitang route, also in North Sumatra.