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KAI Explores New Technologies Online Monitoring Leads to Efficiency
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Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) is exploring the technology offered General Electric (GE) for digitizing the train. Technology named GE Transportation Rail Connect 360 is able to monitor the condition of the engine locomotives and rail conditions directly. Commercial Director at GE Transportation South East Asia Regional Jonathan Lim, Monday (26/9), in Jakarta, said that Rail Connect 360 has been used in the United States, Australia, and China. If Indonesia is applying this technology, Indonesia became the first country in Southeast Asia. This technology, according to Lim, will directly connect to the circuit conditions following locomotive engine compartment to the control room. Data, such as speed, fuel, and the movement of trains, can also be monitored remotely. The data is collected and analyzed, even the condition of a locomotive engine can be estimated directly in the network (online). This technology provides accuracy and efficiency, “Lim said on the sidelines of a symposium on the utilization of these technologies between PT KAI and GE. Lim added that GE’s technology offerings also include online without the need to lower the inspectors to the field. With this technologist, rail mounted cameras that record the condition of the rails and report it to the operator station for analysis.


Director of Human Resources, General, Information Technology and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Kuncoro Wibowo said it is interested in technology from GE. Only, KAI cannot decide soon about when the technology could be applied in the railway managed by PT KAI. “It is still exploratory, basically, we are interested in the technology, we believe there will be able to improve the efficiency and safety aspects technologist trains passing by,” said Kuncoro. According to Sales Director of GE Transportation Indonesia Detri Triyadi, Technology Rail Connect 360 still need to be reviewed before it actually could be applied in Indonesia. Because, although it has been used in a number of countries, the condition of railways in Indonesia is not necessarily the same as those countries. “We are seeking a meeting point with PT KAI before actually implementing this technology in terms of operation, efficiency or safety of the train journey.” Said Detri. Despite this efficiency, PT KAI and GE have not been able to quantify the value of efficiency with the use of this technology. PT KAI has worked with GE for more than 60 years. There are currently more than 350 GE locomotive engines operated by PT KAI in Indonesia.

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