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Minister of Industry encourages Research and the National Railway Industry
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Minister of Industry (Industry) Saleh Husin took time to visit the factory trains and railway industry research center of China, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd. in Qingdao, southeast of Beijing, yesterday. The visit was conducted on the sidelines of spare time when they travel to the telematics industry and smart phones (Hisense) and automotive (SGMW-Wuling). According to him, the growth of the national economy and the increased mobility of people and goods are ideally supported also by railway transport.

To that end, the development of the railway industry and its supporting industries should be based on the mastery of technology and continuous research activity and long-term vision. “As industrial development outside Java, the area economy continues to grow and the need for a network of mass transportation such as railways. We expect, increasing railway construction impacts on the growing railway industry,” Saleh said in a release on Sunday (03/06/2016). In addition to Java and Sumatra, Indonesia would develop the rail network in Kalimantan (2,428 km) and Sulawesi (1,772 km). This is an opportunity for the national railway industry, including through partnerships with global companies. The minister said the railway requires a lot of raw materials and components. This requirement is an opportunity for the railroad industry in the country such as PT INKA, the steel industry, metals including aluminum. “Including the mineral processing industry such as nickel smelter and bauxite, and component manufacturers to supply to the rail industry,” he said.


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