Receiving the Investment 36 Trillion Rupiah from China, LRT will be built in Malang

MALANG, –The City Government of Malang has received an investment worth 36 trillion rupiah from China for the development project of integrated Rail (LRT). The value that received is 36 trillion rupiah, “said Mayor of Malang. Sutiaji who approves the investment proposal. They will coordinate with the Directorate General of Railways to manage the licensing of the LRT’s construction.

“The Governor of East Java (Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa) has requested for coordination with the Directorate General of Railways should be done immediately. So, when the plan is already to run, would already have the license from Directorate General of Railways, “she explained. In the plan, LRT will be built for 35 kilometers in Malang. The LRT will reach the campus and department stores in Malang. In initial plan, 35 kilometers is only within the city, but now we hope this plan will be able to reach until Malang district, “she explained.

Next week, three regional heads in Malang, namely the mayor of Malang, regent of Malang and mayor of Batu will discuss about the development of mass transportation. Meanwhile, the investment value around 36 trillion rupiah is based on the assumption that every 1 kilometer of track LRT construction will spend 250 billion to 300 billion. Thus, the total investment which is needed for the LRT construction amounted to 36 trillion. “We need to get and appreciate people who want to invest in the Malang, especially for mass transportation problem,” he explained.

The Discourse of mass transportation development in Malang has been held since long time ago. In 2017, the mayor of Malang at the time, Moch Anton claimed to have been studying from the United States regarding the monorail development plan. Sutiaji claimed there was already a domestic investor interested in the construction of LRT project in Malang. At that time, the financing scheme was 60 percent from the investors and the remaining 40 percent was offered to public.

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