Wow, Inka Will Build Train Tracks for 1,023 Kilometers in Africa

JAKARTA – PT. Industri Kereta Api or known as INKA would immediately work on the project of upgrading railway track train that connects the two countries in the continent of Africa, namely Mali and Senegal. INKA Main Director, Budi Noviantoro said, the project that would be carried on will spread to 1,023 kilometers long.

“We ‘ve been in touch with one of the traders in Africa who is helping PTDI to Africa. We had a discussion with them to build 1,023 Km, upgrading railway track from the Capital City of Mali up to Dakar (Capital City of Senegal). Budi said, the project was highly anticipated by the two countries. Because of this development would decrease logistic costs on both countries. ”
The reason is because Mali couldn’t go out unless via the port of Dakar. So this plan is still on pending, but we will see once the budget is there, we will start the development again. So this development from Dakar to Mali will be used to transport the goods, because the transport of goods which using trucks is arriving in two weeks. That’s why the logistic cost is very expensive. The distance 1,023 km, ” he explained.

Furthermore, he added the explanation that this development is to connect Angola with Congo through trains. So, Angola is still a project within Africa project.

“Angola people are expecting that they could be connected to Congo, to Kasai Province. They need this connection. And they have got the loan from China in 2012. From the specification which they are studying, they are quite confused why the train only travels 30km/hour.


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